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Pisgah Project

Pisgah California View Maps

The property is privately owned and is comprised of approximately 120 acres located 10 miles southwest of Ludlow, California, with a very large hill of volcanic cinders, accessible by paved road from Interstate 40. An independent survey service hired by the Company reported that there are approximately 13,500,000 tons of volcanic cinders above the surface.

Approximately 3,500,000 tons of the cinders have been screened and stockpiled, the result of prior operations by Burlington Northern Railroad Co. It processed the cinders from the hill for railroad track ballast, taking all cinders above about one inch diameter and leaving the rest on the ground surface within one-quarter mile of the hill. The remaining material in the hill and the material left over from Burlington’s operations can easily be removed by front end loaders and loaded into dump trucks for hauling. The Cinder and Cinder #2 patented mining claims contain morphologically young alkali basalt and hawaiite lava flows and cinder (rock types created by volcanic activity). The cinder and spatter cone is about 100 meters high and has a basal diameter (circumference area at the base of the volcanic material) of about 500 meters, and was formed by the splattering of lava into a cone shape during volcanic activity. The volcanic cone and crater consists of unsorted basalis tephra (volcanic material), ranging from finest ash, through scoriascious cinders and blocks, or slag like structures born from igneous rock, to dense and broken bombs up to two meters in dimension.

The Pisgah property consists of patented claims we own; no fees have to be paid to the BLM or work performed on the claims to retain title to the property.

The Company ran numerous tests on the volcanic cinders property to determine if the material contains precious metals. Although the program indicated precious metals might exist in material taken from the Pisgah property, overall the program results have been inconclusive.

Location and Access

The Pisgah Project is located in San Bernardino County, 72 kilometers (32 miles) east of the city of Barstow, California, and 307 kilometers (192 miles) south-southeast of Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. Barstow lies near the southwest border of California, east of the junction of Interstate 15, Interstate 40 and U.S. Route 66. The Project is centered at Latitude 34o 44’ 47” North, Longitude 116o 22’ 29” West (See Figures 1, 2 and 3), or UTM (metric) co-ordinates 55700 E/384500 N in Zone 11, datum point NAD 27. It lies within the NW ¼ of Section 32, Township 8 North, Range 6 East from San Bernardino Meridian and has an area of 48.4 hectares (120.2 acres).

Access to the Pisgah Project is by the paved 2-lane paved road. From the junction of Interstate 15 and Interstate 40 just east of Barstow, California travel east along Interstate 40 for 52 kilometers (32.5 miles). Take the Hector Rd. Exit and turn right onto Hector Rd. From here turn left onto Historic Route 66 for 7.4 kilometers (4.6 miles), and then turn right (south) onto the Pisgah Crater road. Follow this road for 3.2 kilometers (2.0 miles) to the Pisgah Crater workings.

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