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Owl Canyon Property

Owl Canyon Project-S&S Joint Venture

In 1996, the Company entered into a Joint Venture Agreement with the Schwarz family covering approximately 425 acres of unpatented placer and lode mining claims in the Silurian Hills of California, known as Owl Canyon (“the S&S Joint Venture.”) The S & S Joint Venture has since reduced its holdings to 160 acres of lode claims and a five-acre mill site claim. These claims are prospective for precious metals and some base metals. The property is located approximately 23 miles northeast of Baker, California, accessible by 23 miles of paved and dirt road. The Company and the Schwarz family each have a 50% interest in the venture which is operated by a management committee, comprised of Ronald Sloan, a director of the company, and Ms. Robin Schwarz.

The venture owns miscellaneous drilling, milling, assay, and facilities, all of it stored at the property. The equipment is used but operational.

Prior to 2003, the Company conducted extensive preliminary testing and assaying on the Owl Canyon property. Results indicate precious metals are present in material located on the Owl Canyon property, and further exploration is warranted. Upon conclusion of the trenching program conducted by Geochemist, Bruce Ballantyne, the assay results confirmed that the “Papa Hill” section of Owl Canyon should be a designated drill target in the future.

Geology of Owl Canyon

Mineralization on the property migrates along north/south oriented faulting and at the contact point between metamorphic and dolomite rocks. Metalliferous deposits, or deposits filled with fine metal particles, along these fractures are prevalent near the central area of Owl Canyon. Along the southern side of the property, fault contact areas exhibit localized zone alteration from migrating hydrothermal fluids, or areas altered from hot lava and hydrothermal fluids due to volcanic activity, producing a mineralized vein ranging in width from approximately 18 to 36 inches.

Can-Cal Resources has performed external and in-house fire assays on material from the Owl Canyon property, sending both trench and rock samples to independent laboratories. Approximately 15 tons of material was removed to a depth of 3 to 4 feet to expose a continuation of one of the veins. An independent laboratory analyzed samples from this material.

A detailed structural and geologic mapping survey has been completed on the property, indicating some zones in certain areas are suitable exploration targets. Currently, work on this property has been suspended. This property is without known reserves and future work would be exploratory in nature. There was no significant activity on this property in 2007.

Location and Access

The Silurian Hills are located in the Silurian Hills 15-minute quadrangle. The property is located in the northeastern corner of the 7.5 minute series topographic map entitled North of Bank Quadrangle California - San Bernardino County in Section 9, Township 16N, Range 9E. It is centered along the topographic feature known as Owl Canyon.

The area lies within the California Desert Conservation Area administered by the Bureau of Land Management. This agency identified the Silurian Hills as having high mineral potential for silver (1980) which led the County of San Bernardino to zone the area for mining and mineral exploration.

From Interstate 15 at Baker, California, access is via California State Highway 127 for a distance of nine miles north of the service center town of Baker. At the Powerline Road junction turn right and travel on a USGS class 3 road generally under the Power Transmission Line for a further 9 miles. At this point turn to the left and head north to the Silurian Hills until metal gates are reached after 5 miles of slow, track-road, travel. This is the eastern boundary of the Owl Canyon Mineral Property.


Relief at the Owl Canyon Mineral Property area ranges from 650 meters to about 775 meters (elevation 2,000 to 3,000 feet above sea level). Locally, topographic relief is on the order of 1,000 feet in less than one half mile along the Owl Canyon topographic feature.

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