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Cerbat Project

Cerbat Arizona

On March 12, 1998, Can-Cal Resources signed a Lease and Purchase Option Agreement covering six patented mining claims in the Cerbat Mountains, Hualapai Mining District, and Mohave County, Arizona. The patented claims cover approximately 120 acres. Except for limited testing and evaluation work performed in mid-2002, no work has been performed on this property since 1999. Access is north 15 miles from Kingman, Arizona on Highway 93, east from the historical marker to Mill Ranch, then left three miles to a locked gate.

The country rock is pre-Cambrian granite, gneiss and schist complex. It is intruded by dikes of minette, granite porphyry, diabase, rhyolite, basalt and other rocks, some of which are associated with workable veins and are too greatly serieitized (altered small particles within the material) for determination. The complex is also flanked on the west by masses of the tertiary volcanic rocks, principally rhyolite. The mineralized body contains principally gold, silver and lead. They occur in fissure veins, which generally have a north-easterly trend and a steep north-easterly or south-westerly dip. Those situated north of Cerbat wash are chiefly gold bearing while those to the south principally contain silver and lead. The gangue (material that is considered to have base metals that are not precious or worth recovering for market value) is mainly quartz and the values usually favor the hanging wall. The Company has determined that the property contains several mine shafts of up to several hundred feet in depth and tailings piles containing thousands of tons of tailings. The property has not produced since the late 1800’s.

Can-Cal has conducted (in late June and July 2002) a limited number of preliminary tests and assays on material taken from mine dumps (material left on the property from mining by others many years ago). It was anticipated that this material could be economically processed. However, the dump material tonnage will not support a small-scale operation without being supplemented with additional underground ore. The Company is considering selling or farming out the property, as there have been expressions of interest in the property from time to time. As such there has been no significant activity on Cerbat.

Location and Access

The Cerbat Group of claims is located in the Hualapai Mining District about 15 miles north from Kingman which is the nearest railroad and supply point. The state highway from Kingman to Boulder Dam and Las Vegas passes within 4 miles of the property and a good County road connects the highway with the mining site. The County road passes through the Rolling Wave and Red Dog claims making transportation available to the lower workings. An old road connects the New Discovery shaft with the Cerbat workings near the crest of the hill. This group of claims is favorably situated for trucking and transportation purposes.

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